Arizona Cities Declare A State Of Emergency Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Cities in Arizona have been passing ordinance or declaration of emergencies as the coronavirus pandemic spreads globally.

Phoenix – State of Emergency

A state of emergency was declared in Phoenix on Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Kate Gallego tweeted this afternoon, declaring a state of emergency in Phoenix.

In a video posted on social media, Gallego described the outbreak in alarming terms.

“What (health experts) have told me,” Gallego said, “is that right now they are preparing to care for people in groups of 10 because they do not have enough beds, which we hope the doctors will have to make heartbreaking decisions. about who should use a fan and who shouldn’t. “

“These are very difficult times for the country and our city, but we are trying to do our best to support our health system and give them the opportunity to fight.”

Maricopa County – Local Emergency

The county council declared a local emergency for the entire county on Wednesday, March 18.

Council President Clint Hickman signed a Local Emergency Proclamation for Maricopa County.

This will provide more resources to assist the county in coordinating measures to better respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

The declaration will allow the city to use emergency funds to obtain supplies and materials and to request financial aid and other forms of assistance from federal, state, and county authorities to prevent the spread of the virus in the city.